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Mississauga Treatment Center 

Opiates & Painkillers Addiction Specialists

Are you, or a loved one, struggling with drug addiction?

Contact us now for a confidential Consultation

with our Opiate Recovery Expert. 

Our Medical services are fully covered by OHIP.

​We treat anyone who is having a problem with Opiates or Painkillers like Fentanyl (including “Down”, Duragesic), Heroin, Dilaudid (Hydromorphone), Morphine, Oxycodone (Percocet, Oxyneo, TEC), Codeine, etc. other Narcotics.

Our Opioid Substitution Therapy is an Effective and Legal Substitute ! Recovery with Our Highly Skilled Specialists & Team Work.

Our Addiction Treatment Specialist is ready to Help You !

Contact us now. No Referral/Appointment required. Start Recovery Today !

Call us or Email us Now 

Ph 905-279-4848

Monday    7am-2pm

Tuesday   7am-6pm

Wednesday 7am-4pm

Thursday  7am-7pm

Friday    7am-2pm

E-mail :

Rapid Access Addiction Treatment Center

Methadone & Suboxone (Buprenorphine & Naloxone) is an effective and legal substitute for heroin or other narcotics.

      Our Services : - 

  - Addiction Assessment and Recovery Support

  - Methadone Maintenance Program

  - Suboxone Maintenance Program

  - Methadone taper /Methadone to Suboxone

  - Testosterone Treatment

  - Medication counselling

  - Oxycontin addiction treatment

  - We also offer a complete range of services to     improve lifestyle, including Hepatitis C and HIV   Treatments etc etc. etc 

  For More Info : Click here

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